Laboratory Tests

Sandy, UT Office

At Insight Family Practice, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive range of laboratory services, including in-house blood tests, COVID-19 tests, wound cultures, Pap smears, Flu and Strep tests, and more, available right here in Utah. Our laboratory testing services go beyond simple diagnostics, aiding in preventive healthcare by identifying potential health issues before they escalate.

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Reliable Testing with Insight

Our laboratory blood tests are precise and reliable, providing valuable insights into your health status. They can detect early signs of diseases including heart disease, diabetes, liver, and kidney disorders, among others, aiding in effective early intervention. The Covid-19 test service is essential in these unprecedented times, ensuring you and your family’s safety and health.

The Pap smear test is a critical part of our women’s health services, helping detect cervical cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage. Flu and Strep tests are readily available, especially vital in the flu season to fast-track diagnosis and commence treatment. Our services also extend to Wound culture tests, Pregnancy tests, GeneSight tests, and Genova Nutrival tests, each contributing substantially to your holistic healthcare.

With our dedicated team of medical experts, we at Insight Family Practice don’t just provide lab testing services in Utah, we extend ourselves to ensure your well-being with our knowledgeable, caring, and positive approach. Trust us to be your partners in health, providing medical services that are as compassionate as they are comprehensive.